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Foxtrot - HKIFF 2018

Samuel Maoz's Foxtrot is a great follow up from his brilliant "Lebanon" (2009). Although it adopts a classic three-act structure, the three acts each had their own styles, from the tease and emotional act one to the deadpan humor with political satire (even at violence scene) at act two. A change of tone with a sober grief relief scene at the final act was only met with a heartbreaking twist.

Act one saw both Michael and Dafn stuck in their own home and unable to confirm whether their son is dead as the conflicting information coming through from the military personnel, whom for some reasons only half know the situations and circumstance surrounding the death. Audiences face an over-emotional Micheal as he had to deal with sudden sadness, joy, and confusion around at the same time. It resulted in nothing but anger for Micheal and only to add to the tension with his wife and other members of his family as well as to his own frustration. It served as the plot point or the…

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